Holistic Medicine

Principles of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is an energetic form of medicine.  As stated before, Homeopathy, via homeopathic remedies, help to assist your body's natural ability to heal itself - this creates a more permanent restorative way to better health.

Using natural substances (plants, minerals, animal milks, and so on) which have been highly diluted to minimize toxicity, then succussed (vigorously shaken - energized) homeopathic remedies are made.  The remedy is then applied to small sugar pilules as a simple way for us to receive the remedy - and it's delicious!
There are various methods of taking homeopathic remedies, the above (pilules) is the most common.

As this is an energetic form of medicine, anyone can take homeopathic remedies including pregnant women, babies, the elderly, even pets; and there are no side effects from homeopathic remedies.


Homeopathy is no stranger to skepticism, ask any Homeopath.
In fact, Homeopathy was founded because of Hahnemann's skepticism in his own profession as a physician - and so chose to explore alternative methods. Since that time, over 200 years ago, Homeopathy remains an easy target for scrutiny - as present day scientific approaches remain unable to define it - in their terms.

What can be said, is that for over 200 years Homeopathy remains.
People around the world, in various countries, continue to use Homeopathy. As it is no stranger to scrutiny, it is also no stranger to praise.
Any homeopath will have their story in which they were introduced to homeopathy, and how it has affected them so much, that they have chosen to continue to carry Homeopathy into the future as their life's work.

Here at Homeopathy BC, we invite you to experience homeopathy for yourself.

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